Luxurious Treasures

黑金黑松露帕尔玛火腿坚果单黄莲蓉月饼及法国泰亭哲香槟 (375毫升)
Golden Black Truffle Baked Mooncakes with Dry-Aged Parma Ham, Pistachio & Single Yolk with a bottle of Taittinger Brut Reserve (375ml)

$248.00 per box

Elegantly gold-dusted with black charcoal skin, this baked gem is the epitome of sweet-meets-savoury. Picture silky white lotus seed paste coupled with luxurious black truffle shavings, dry-aged parma ham, salted egg yolk, and crunchy pistachio bits coming together. This unique combination boasts nutty, intense and earthy flavours.

This luxurious Premium Gift Set Box comes with a bottle of Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne – bringing out the best in each other!

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